De Carrion

I’ve always had hurry inside me. Always had a feeling that I was going to find something I’d never seen or felt, but I knew it was there, ready to find me in every line of my design or illustration.

That was my search. That was my hurry. To illustrate love, so love could find me.

And when he found me, I started painting the poetry inside those many love stories, which inspire me to lose myself around the world.

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Marcelo Andrade

You know those constant searches we’ve got inside of us? I’ve always had mine. I dreamed about my photos really touching people. Shaking them, giving them goosebumps. I wanted to cause an impact in their heart.

For some years I was focused on wedding photography. Grew up a lot, became more sensitive and open eyed. That was an incredibly fun and pleasant time.

Then I met Dê. With her, my art got filled with love and blew up to the world.

Today I’m a photographer of life. Of any moment. Of anything that makes you look around, sigh and think “it’s so delicious to be living all this”.

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